Friday 17 July 2009

St Barnabas Murals

In October 2007 St Barnabas church on Erdington High Street was devastated by fire.

Utilising the new artspace in Central Square local artists have worked with children from St Barnabas school to create murals which are now on disply around the church.

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Hot Night - Cool Music

Wednesday 1st of July saw a great turn out at the Acorn pub on Erdington High street for the "Totally Different" music showcase. On a sweltering evening we were treated to an eclectic mix of music kicking off with award winning Indie rock band Jackpike with their catchy tunes and energetic performance. A short set from vocalist Shakti followed leading up to what for me was the highlight of the show, Lizzie Dean and her band.

Lizzie has been touring with Boy George to great acclaim and her soulful voice has been favouably compared to BG stalwart Helen Terry. Her own music leans towards jazz with pop and soul inflections and her strong stage prescence carried through some minor technical difficulties to deliver an energetic and thoroughly entertaining set. Melodious acoustic guitar playing was pinned down by some rock solid drumming along with her percussionist playing a storm on his Djembe.

The evening finished off in style with ex Steel Pulse member Basil Gavidon delivering a collection of self penned and classic reggae tunes which suited the athmosphere perfectly. His band, featuring guitar, bass, drums and keyboards augmented by a trio of backing singers and a trombonist (who also contributed vox), were right on the money and the overheating audience of locals and first time visitors to Erdington showed their appreciation in no uncertain measure.

In between sets many of us hit the street to cool off and the tone of conversation showed a great deal of appreciation for a return of live music to the town as well as thanks to the landlord and staff at The Acorn for hosting the show. Totally Different are describing their endeavours as the return of Mothers and while there's some way to go in reaching the heights and perhaps infamy of Erdo's famous rock venue we applaud their commitment and look forward to more of the same as soon as possible.

Simon Hope
05 07 09
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Wednesday 22 October 2008

Ridiculous - Filmdash 2008 - Jon Hickman

Thanks to Jon and the guys for including us in their Filmdash project, the results of which can be seen here:

Last Gig at Rookery House Pt 2

Last Gig at Rookery House Pt 1

Wednesday 15 October 2008






18TH October 2008


from 11 O'clock lasting until 4 O'clock that evening.

Hosted by

The Rookery House Trust

Under the Auspices of Mr Phil Mist.


showing their recent work concerning Whales


Mr Patrick Hayes (Speaker)


The Opportunity to Discuss Rookery House
with All & Sundry.


Come one, come all
Entrance is free and refreshments will be available!

For further details visit

Monday 29 September 2008

EAF meeting 25 09 08


!!!Rookery House closing at the end of October!!!

We discussed the possibility of marking the closure of Rookery House with a small event and Saturday 18th October was suggested for a get together. If you can join in great.

Let's show some art, have some music and discuss the future of the house.

Get in touch.



Friday 26 September 2008

EAF meet Claudia Losi @ The Mailbox

Our work for Claudia Losi's Balena project culminated on Monday 22nd of September when we visited the Ikon show to share our art with Claudia and the team from Ikon gallery. Earlier in the day the children from Erdington Hall school had visited to see their work amongst much excitement. The toy whales looked wonderful hanging in the space and everyone was thrilled to see the result of all the effort put in by the children and the Erdo seamsters to bring their drawings to life.

A little later Claudia spoke to us about the project (with background sound effects from the technicians setting up the show!) which led into us all taking turns to describe our pieces and some of the thought and considerations that went into making them. It was obvious from these talks that we were all moved by our involvment and passion and humour very much set the tone.

Claudia was most gracious with her comments and questions & she and Emma (Bowen, Ikon Education team) showed their appreciation for our efforts in no uncertain terms. We hope that this will be as memorable for them as it will be for us and that our part in the Balena project serves to continue and add to the story as the whale travels around the world.

The following day we were invited to lunch at the Ikon and were well looked after and served delicious food in the cafe. Jonathan Watkins (Ikon Director) made a speech to thank all and sundry and it was something of a surreal experience to hear him mention the Forum in the same breath as the international art set who were also in attendance (including artist Martin Creed whose Ikon exhibition opens at the same time) Our thanks go to Jonathan, Emma, Jess Worley (co-ordinator at the Tailors Shop) and of course Claudia herself who is now off to New York for a delayed honeymoon with her husband and a well earned rest. We wish her all the best in this and all her future projects.

Simon Hope 26 08 09

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